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The G-string Horror *Demon Cut* World Premiere!



Global Amusements’ The G-string Horror *Demon Cut* has its World Premiere at the Another Hole in the Head Genre Film Festival on December 19th at 7pm at the New People’s Cinema, 1746 Post St  San Francisco, CA 94115.

There will be an after party at the Penthouse Club and Restaurant, 412 Broadway Ave., North Beach, San Francisco following the screening.

About *Demon Cut*…


First there was The G-string Horror…


“A production company shooting a horror film at the Market Street Cinema in San Francisco, a 100 year old movie palace turned strip club, is attacked by the inhabitants as they revolt and take over the movie for their own purposes with shocking results. The shapeshifting phantasm of a murdered stripper possesses an actress in a savage attempt to escape the prison of the decaying theater. She makes her getaway to pursue her lurid destiny.”


Then…all hell broke loose…


Had enough fun with “found footage” horror films?


Check out *Demon Cut*…the first horror film to have been re-edited by the disembodied entities and shadow beings that the film is about!


After The G-string Horror and Ghost Adventures TV series crews disrupted the normal day to day “lives” these wraiths enjoyed at the Market Street Cinema one too many times, they stormed the editing suite and their bizarre and disturbing *Demon Cut* is the result.


Watch THEM watch YOU as you watch their movie! If they like you, they just may pay you a visit!


A detailed account of how The G-string Horror *DemonCut* came to be may be found here: http://g-stringhorror.blogspot.com/2013/08/paranormal-activity-re-edits-g-string.html


The G-string Horror *Demon Cut*

Starring: Debra Lamb & Natasha Talonz

Special Effects Make-up: Ed Martinez

Executive Producer: Joe Carouba

Produced & Directed by: Charles Webb


Check out the trailer and festival web page for the film at:



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The G-string Horror now available at iTunes and Amazon! Buy Now!

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The G-string Horror on Fangoria Video Chopping List!


The G-string Horror release date is June 18th!


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Review From Big Kahuna


Apprehensive Films are quickly becoming the go to company for independent horror films at a great price, and G-String Horror is no exception.

Its defiantly got a catchy title. And surprisingly for a low budget film it also has some good acting, and nice effective gore effects.  Its about a film crew shooting a horror film in a supposedly haunted film palace, that was renovated into a strip club.  Turns out it really is haunted, and the ghost, or demons, or whatever you call them are not happy, and take over the film.

As a rule I am not a huge fan of “Found Footage” style films, however this is slightly different, and by different I mean in a weird European way. Like a dream within a dream. Example, there is a demon chick in this film called Baby Doll.  They call her this because she leave mutilated baby dolls wherever she goes.  Why does she do this you ask.  I have no clue, and truthfully I don’t care.

This is a fun ride for fans of horror, and independent films.  And like I said its from Apprehensive Films, who don’t rape people for cash like some companies do.  You can pick this up for the low price of $12.95  Check it out!

Overall 3 out of 5 stars!

The review may be found HERE.


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What reviewers are saying about THE G-STRING HORROR

“G-STRING HORROR unabashedly dissolves the walls bounding reality, leaving the viewer…wondering at the end just where reality stops and fiction begins. An exceedingly odd film…kaleidoscopic.”

Film Phreak


“How could you not like this film based on that cover alone! HA!  What is good as the film lives up to that awesome cover and is quite entertaining.”

Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror 


“Found footage meets 80′s Eurohorror … and it works, it’s fun genre entertainment with an enjoyably unusual twist to it!”

Mike Haberfeiner – Search My Trash


“I kind of felt like I watching a found footage/cinema verite horror film set in a strip joint from Twin Peaks which we never knew existed when we first watched the show. Seriously. Further to this, there is some extremely unsettling imagery in this film and  I found myself a bit creeped out several times.”

Mark Bullock – Hacked in the Head Reviews

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