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The G-string Horror release date is June 18th!

Review From Big Kahuna


Apprehensive Films are quickly becoming the go to company for independent horror films at a great price, and G-String Horror is no exception.

Its defiantly got a catchy title. And surprisingly for a low budget film it also has some good acting, and nice effective gore effects.  Its about a film crew shooting a horror film in a supposedly haunted film palace, that was renovated into a strip club.  Turns out it really is haunted, and the ghost, or demons, or whatever you call them are not happy, and take over the film.

As a rule I am not a huge fan of “Found Footage” style films, however this is slightly different, and by different I mean in a weird European way. Like a dream within a dream. Example, there is a demon chick in this film called Baby Doll.  They call her this because she leave mutilated baby dolls wherever she goes.  Why does she do this you ask.  I have no clue, and truthfully I don’t care.

This is a fun ride for fans of horror, and independent films.  And like I said its from Apprehensive Films, who don’t rape people for cash like some companies do.  You can pick this up for the low price of $12.95  Check it out!

Overall 3 out of 5 stars!

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What reviewers are saying about THE G-STRING HORROR

“G-STRING HORROR unabashedly dissolves the walls bounding reality, leaving the viewer…wondering at the end just where reality stops and fiction begins. An exceedingly odd film…kaleidoscopic.”

Film Phreak


“How could you not like this film based on that cover alone! HA!  What is good as the film lives up to that awesome cover and is quite entertaining.”

Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror 


“Found footage meets 80′s Eurohorror … and it works, it’s fun genre entertainment with an enjoyably unusual twist to it!”

Mike Haberfeiner – Search My Trash


“I kind of felt like I watching a found footage/cinema verite horror film set in a strip joint from Twin Peaks which we never knew existed when we first watched the show. Seriously. Further to this, there is some extremely unsettling imagery in this film and  I found myself a bit creeped out several times.”

Mark Bullock – Hacked in the Head Reviews

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From filmphreak…

Oh, man. It’s irrelevant how I describe this movie to you. You won’t be prepared. Sort like the first time you see a Jess Franco movie. Nothing can prepare you. That said, G-String Horror is a considerably better movie than you’d expect with said title. What it is, is B-horror, schlock and awe, as a cover for smarts. For while this is, technically, a dead stripper horror movie set in a strip club, that, like anything I’m saying now, doesn’t begin to give you a clue. You may at first be underwhelmed as the film begins, but once you get into its groove, its flow of long stretches of low key with sudden, psychedelic jabs in the viewer’s violated eye … then you’ll get the undertone and find out this is a pretty cool movie. Smarts and creativity took a little budget a long way. Actually, the low budget helps contribute to the conceit of the film. It’s a “documentary” about a haunted strip club, a film whose identity shifts as it becomes a horror movie itself. G-STRING HORROR unabashedly dissolves the walls bounding reality, leaving the viewer – who knows this is a film technique, one that’s been hot since “Blair Witch” and been around since at least “Cannibal Holocaust” – wondering at the end just where reality stops and fiction begins. Even dream-within-a-dream and reality-withing-reality movies are still contained within their own entirely fictional universe. That this small but plucky movie, no insult meant, with its adult-cinema/camp overtones, its foray into found-footage – again (OK by me but the subgenre has critics), its defiant mix of dialogue driven docudrama and explosions of sex-gore … that it should reach an arthouse auteur’s destination with movie components that would likely have ended up dreck in other, less brainy, hands … this speaks much for it. And I speak little for my writing. What a run-on. Consider it effusiveness. It’s an exceedingly odd film and requires some patience and understanding, but once you touch base with it, it’s kaleidoscopic.

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San Francisco Strip Club Market Street Cinema Featured in Travel Channel Show Ghost Adventures After Movie About the Club Gains National Attention

Indie flick G-String Horror, filmed in San Francisco’s Market Street Cinema will soon be released on DVD and the 100 year old theater is also being featured on popular Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.

The G-String Horror, an indie film taking place in the popular San Francisco strip club Market Street Cinema, is scheduled for national release on both Blu-Ray and DVD this summer on June 18, 2013, and will be available at CD Universe, DVD Planet, Amazon and many other retailers as well.

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