New IMDb Review for The G-string Horror

Nifty horror outing

21 October 2013 | by (The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left)

A production company starts shooting a horror film in an old haunted movie palace that’s been converted into a seedy strip club. Things go awry when the ghostly inhabitants revolt and take over the picture for their own sinister purposes. Director Charles Webb relates the absorbing story at a steady pace, does a solid job of creating and sustaining a spooky atmosphere, makes excellent use of the rundown main location, delivers a generous sprinkling of bare breasts and funky gore, and tops everything off with an amusing sense of lowbrow humor. Moreover, it’s acted with aplomb by a game cast, with especially stand-out contributions from veteran scream queen Debra Lamb as flaky psychic Madame Zee and Mike Gleason as the amiable Big Mike. Buxom blonde Natasha Talonz makes for an appropriately grotesque ghoul as rot-faced stripper specter Baby Doll. The cinematography by Charles De Santos neatly alternates between garish color and stark black and white. Kevin MacLeod’s shuddery score hits the spine-tingling spot. Done in a faux documentary style complete with mock interviews and shaky hand-held camera-work, this film generates a genuinely unsettling vibe. A cool little fright flick.

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