What reviewers are saying about THE G-STRING HORROR

“G-STRING HORROR unabashedly dissolves the walls bounding reality, leaving the viewer…wondering at the end just where reality stops and fiction begins. An exceedingly odd film…kaleidoscopic.”

Film Phreak


“How could you not like this film based on that cover alone! HA!  What is good as the film lives up to that awesome cover and is quite entertaining.”

Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror 


“Found footage meets 80’s Eurohorror … and it works, it’s fun genre entertainment with an enjoyably unusual twist to it!”

Mike Haberfeiner – Search My Trash


“I kind of felt like I watching a found footage/cinema verite horror film set in a strip joint from Twin Peaks which we never knew existed when we first watched the show. Seriously. Further to this, there is some extremely unsettling imagery in this film and  I found myself a bit creeped out several times.”

Mark Bullock – Hacked in the Head Reviews

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