Meet The Cast & Crew

Joe Carouba

Executive Producer

Joseph Carouba owns and operates a consulting company for the entertainment industry. He has been involved with starting, developing, and growing companies in Northern California and Europe for 35 years.His entry into the film industry is recent. His latest project is the “G- string Horror.”

Sarah Kliban

Executive Producer

Sarah Kliban is a professional casting director and actress working out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her film casting credits include work on such films as: Hemingway and Gellhorn, La Mission, Milk, All About Evil, The Kite Runner, Charlie Wilson’s War, Pursuit of Happyness, etc.   She teaches classes on auditioning as well as various aspects of the voice-over industry.

John Espedal

Executive Producer

John Espedal is a San Francisco attorney who has practiced entertainment law for thirty-five years in the areas of music,recording and music publishing, foreign publishing,licensing,soundtracks,film and all areas of the law relating to live performance venues.

Charles Webb

Director, Producer

Charles Webb operates a film, video and digital media production company in San Francisco. He has written, produced, directed, photographed and edited projects in the United States, Europe and China, that encompass diverse genres, including national TV commercials (Miller Beer, Buick, Wishbone, national political candidates, etc.); documentaries (The Black Panthers/”George Jackson Lives”, “The Grateful Dead Movie”, martial artists in the People’s Republic of China…“Kung Fu Diplomacy”,“China’s Living Treasures”, etc.); nationally released independent features (“Honky-Tonk Nights”, “Extreme Close-up”, “The Seven Seductions”); and behind the scenes promotional and music videos (e.g. Disney, FCA Artists, “Wild Bill” Weiss). Hi s latest production is “The G-string Horror”.

Ed Martinez

Special Effects Director

Ed Martinez has been teaching for many years at the Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Los Gatos, Cakifornia and has held many seminars and workshops in addition to teaching at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. One of his early films was the zombie classic “The Dead Pit”. He has worked on award-winning music videos, commercials, television shows, and of course feature films. Some of his projects include “Amityville: A new Generation”, “Retardead”, Animal Planet’s Hero Animals, “The Dead and the Damned” and “Black Devil Doll”.

Debra Lamb

Lady Zee

Debra LambDebra is a classically trained ballet dancer who turned her sights to acting after moving to Los Angeles with her family in the late 70’s.  While pursuing her acting career, Debra worked as a dancer and performance artist, which, along with being a talented fire-eater and model, helped her land roles in several low-budget horror films.  She quickly gained popularity as a “B-movie scream queen”, and during the 80’s and 90’s appeared in many horror genre magazines, such as Femme Fatales, Draculina, Focus, and Fangoria.  Debra left acting during the mid 90’s and it wasn’t until she joined facebook in 2010 that she discovered that she had many fans who missed her.  Filmmakers began to contact Debra, and she made her official comeback in 2012 with “Disciples”, followed closely by “G-String Horror”.  Debra has been cast in “Llorona” and “Drive-In Massacre” which will be shooting later in 2012, and she has several other projects in the works. After working in the Market Street Cinema…”What happened to me in that place can never be explained.”

Natasha Talonz

Baby Doll

Natasha TalonzFrom an interview with…
Q: What do you look for when picking projects?
A: That I get to be naked and covered in blood! But I guess it just needs to be something that seems unique and original, something that is way out there. I really love over-the-top stuff and I want the roles that most actresses won’t touch with a 10 foot pole, roles that really stand out. The crazier the better. Her credits include, Black Devil Doll and Vaginal Holocaust. While working on “The G-string Horror”…“It felt like some creature had actually invaded my body.”