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Oh, man. It’s irrelevant how I describe this movie to you. You won’t be prepared. Sort like the first time you see a Jess Franco movie. Nothing can prepare you. That said, G-String Horror is a considerably better movie than you’d expect with said title. What it is, is B-horror, schlock and awe, as a cover for smarts. For while this is, technically, a dead stripper horror movie set in a strip club, that, like anything I’m saying now, doesn’t begin to give you a clue. You may at first be underwhelmed as the film begins, but once you get into its groove, its flow of long stretches of low key with sudden, psychedelic jabs in the viewer’s violated eye … then you’ll get the undertone and find out this is a pretty cool movie. Smarts and creativity took a little budget a long way. Actually, the low budget helps contribute to the conceit of the film. It’s a “documentary” about a haunted strip club, a film whose identity shifts as it becomes a horror movie itself. G-STRING HORROR unabashedly dissolves the walls bounding reality, leaving the viewer – who knows this is a film technique, one that’s been hot since “Blair Witch” and been around since at least “Cannibal Holocaust” – wondering at the end just where reality stops and fiction begins. Even dream-within-a-dream and reality-withing-reality movies are still contained within their own entirely fictional universe. That this small but plucky movie, no insult meant, with its adult-cinema/camp overtones, its foray into found-footage – again (OK by me but the subgenre has critics), its defiant mix of dialogue driven docudrama and explosions of sex-gore … that it should reach an arthouse auteur’s destination with movie components that would likely have ended up dreck in other, less brainy, hands … this speaks much for it. And I speak little for my writing. What a run-on. Consider it effusiveness. It’s an exceedingly odd film and requires some patience and understanding, but once you touch base with it, it’s kaleidoscopic.

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