The G-string Horror in Rue Morgue Magazine

The G-string Horror is featured in the article, “Bigger, Badder, Blood on a Budget” in the June issue of Rue Morgue Magazine.  Check it out!
I’ve always had a soft spot for films that are based on actual events, and I’ve always had a hard spot for strippers, and this movie covers both of my, er, spots. Aside from its skeezy title, it’s maybe the only film that competently straddles the line between being a found-footage slasher and a para- normal documentary. The story revolves around one of San Francisco’s oldest landmarks, The Market Street Cinema, which over the years has become a pretty grungy strip club, and which harbours a purportedly gruesome past. Having already seen the Ghost Adventures television episode that featured the building, director Charles Webb decided to take things even further by combining interviews he conducted with the staff and strippers who worked at the club with a cinematic recreation of what he believed to be the ghost, a peeler named Baby Doll who reportedly still haunts the labyrinthine basement. The result is a sleazy, cheesy romp that’ll please and tease even the most flaccid gorehound out there.


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